Holding secure
and just elections
is vital to regaining trust in our elections,
our government,
and essential to preserve
our Constitutional Republic.

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What is a

Voter Key Card?

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The Voter Key Card is a bankcard turned
into a tool to prevent election fraud.

It works as LOCK & KEY and VOTER ID CARD.

Only living citizens can get a Voter Key Card and no vote will be counted without one.

EVERY state should pass legislation to adopt Voter Key Card system to protect the integrity of our elections.

In 2020 elections our votes were treated like TRASH, when they should have been treated like CASH.

Imagine if your bank had only a lock on the front door, no security cameras, no alarm system, no locks on the bank vault, no locks on security deposit boxes.


Would you keep your money in this bank?

Our election systems and process are about as insecure as this bank I describe. Is our vote not as valuable or immensely more valuable than our money?


Does our vote count without secure and transparent election process?


Are not votes the voice of citizens to elect representatives that serve Americans and to justly defend our Constitution as law of the land?

Is America a truly free country without duly elected representatives?

Was our 2020 election process secure and transparent? Absolutely not.

Was there mass election fraud committed in our 2020 elections? YES, no doubt.

The dozens of hours of testimonies by eyewitnesses of election fraud or very suspicious behavior happening, the captured video of what appeared to be ballots from suitcases being processed in the middle of the night in Georgia, IT experts showing how easily the electronic voting machines could be hacked and/or illegally change vote tallies and many more examples all show there was most certainly ample fraud committed in key swing states such as Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia where very little fraud was needed to elect a false winner.


And here is just one of up to dozens of stories of testimony. As quoted from the article "An expert testifying to the Pennsylvania Senate flagged a batch of ballots that recorded some 570,000 votes for Joe Biden and only 3,200 for Donald Trump" was given during hearings in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on November 25.


In Arizona the records show that Biden won by 10,457 votes. In Nevada the records show Biden won by 33,596 votes. In Wisconsin the records show Biden won by 20,682 votes. And in Georgia, the records show that Biden won by 11,779 votes. Those are razor thin margins of victory. And since the election in 2020 and in the past few weeks and months evidence has been presented via audits (incomplete findings) and other avenues that clearly show that a very large amount of fraud occurred in our elections, most certainly there that there was ample fraud to swing the outcome of the election in these 4 swing states and perhaps all 6 states mentioned above. If these 4 states (AZ, NV, WI and GA) were won by President Trump, he would have won the election. The final Electoral College vote tally would have been Trump with 275 Electoral College Votes and Biden with 263. And if Pennsylvania, which was decided by only 80,555 votes for Biden was full of illegal or fraudulently cast, entered or switched votes for Biden, then only any two of the states mentioned above would have been needed to swing the election to President Trump (If Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania went to Trump it would have been a tie at 270 votes each).

Forensic audits most certainly should be readily performed in all the above 6 swing states and even in all 50 states. And let's not forget to mention the ample evidence of fraud as presented by Mike Lindell in his series of videos sharing the documented proof that our electronic voting machines were hacked and votes altered many times in all key swing states and even all 50 states. Mike Lindell is also soon holding a Cyber Symposium August 10-12 in Sioux Falls, Idaho where even more evidence will be released and live hacking of electronic voting machines will be shared via public livestream via FrankSpeech.com to the world. Mike has invited IT experts, media and elected officials to this event. This will surely reveal some more stunning and indisputable evidence beyond the evidence already presented that is being largely ignored by most all news media outlets and elected government representatives, officials and our justice systems.

Just below is Mike Lindell and myself at Clay Clark's REAWAKEN AMERICA event in Anaheim on July 17, 2021. I handed Mike my business card and told him I invented solution to stop election fraud. He gave me his email address and asked I send some info about my solution. Please pray the Lord directs Mike to read my email and that he reaches back out to me to talk about Voter Key Card and how it could work to better secure the new voting system he will soon be backing and sharing about at his Cyber Symposium. However, God's will be done in all things.

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Let's all be praying for Mike, his team, that this event that would happen uninterrupted, as planned, on schedule and evidence presented would demand the election to be overturned and President Trump to rightly, justly, quickly be reinstated as the 45th President of the United States. And when this happens in the next few months as Mike has said he believes it will, I believe President Trump should serve a full 4 years from the date of his reinstatement. And I believe the new date of the Presidential election should be changed to 75 days prior to this date as a reminder that our elections were stolen and that we must not allow them to be stolen again. 

In looking forward to 2022 elections, I sadly believe the reality is most current election integrity laws now being passed and efforts to preserve election integrity will NOT stop most fraud.

Why not?


Our election process is, I believe, intentionally designed to be insecure, to enable election fraud to take place in many ways. Our election process needs a complete overhaul to make it one that is trustworthy again. It needs to be rebuilt under an architecture that makes fraud near impossible or very, very difficult to transact. 

Does our vote count without a secure and transparent election process?

Read on to learn how the Voter Key Card system and platform will work to secure your vote like cash, not trash.


Note that all the security details are NOT described on this site below about the process of ensuring that your Voter Key Card cannot be stolen and fraudulently used. This is intentional.

Although, one such measure to prevent your Voter Key Card from being fraudulently activated is by texting and/or emailed a 6-digit security code to activate your card. There will be other security measures put in place to make sure no one fraudulently uses your Voter Key Card to vote.

The bottom line is the Voter Key Card prevents illegal votes, votes by non-citizens, votes by dead people, votes by non-residents of a state from being cast.

And though this system is designed to work with any type of voting (Mail-In, Absentee, in person voting by paper or machine), the best is voting in person as the most security measures to prevent fraudulent voting can be added. For instance bankcards with chip are near impossible to duplicate and a citizen could also be required to show their government ID as well. With this other security measures could be performed to ensure no one is fraudulently using a Voter Key Card or even perfectly counterfeited government ID or Drivers License.


I also firmly believe that people should be required to vote in person unless they are actively serving abroad in the military, or are in the hospital or ae recovering from being in the hospital. There may be other circumstances by which Mail-In or Absentee Ballots still might make sense. And lastly I believe that hospitals and Senior Communities should have onsite voting facilities so they may vote in person,


The Voter Key Card system also removes the tabulation of votes from electronic voting machines to a new process of citizens securely uploading a PDF copy of paper ballot via a mobile app (or scanner which would be securely linked to Voter Key Card platform), which are then recorded onto blockchain technology. The voter's identification is kept private and every voter will be receive a paper copy of the their ballot and electronic proof, thru logging into the Voter Key Card app, that their votes were correctly recorded and tallied.

When votes are tallied they will be done so under public livestream cameras. Each paper ballot page will be in view right next to a tablet to tally votes. This enables real-time auditing of votes cast. For example, if this system was used in the 2020 elections and a paper ballot was clearly marked for President Trump and the poll worker tapped on Joe Biden, auditors and citizens viewing this livestream tally of votes would be enabled to instantly contest this incorrect tally of the citizen's vote and immediately be corrected. Learn about the Voter Key Card Vote Tally System Below or click here.

Randy Smith

Founder, Inventor of the patent-pending, Voter Key Card System




Electronic Voting Machines

Although electronic voting machines are listed as a method of voting in this solution, it should be noted that tabulation of votes will not take place thru the voting machines. Each citizen would also receive a paper copy of their ballot as a record of their voting. Tallying of votes will be counted by paper ballots under public livestream in real-time with a tablet right next to paper ballot. Each voter will also upload their own ballot via a Voter Key Card app or scanner securely hooked up to the Voter Key Card platform. Read more below about the vote tally process and how each citizen confirms there ballot was recorded correctly and tallied correctly. 

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The Voter Key Card solution was invented in December of 2020. The patent-pending solution is not limited to work with a bankcard with a chip, but could also use a one-time use QR code or "Check-In" system via a mobile phone app or a Private-Label issued card where transactions are processed over a private and secure network.

Learn about the inventor below

The Voter Key Card
System will have
every step/action
taken in voting process,
for every ballot, recorded
via Blockchain technology.

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 Voter Key Card.

To be Linked to State Voter Registration
Banks Verify Identity to Open Account
Address Verification Transaction
IRS/USPS/FBI/State Identity Match
DMV Database ID Verification

Mobile/Email Confirmation
Voter Key Card Activation

Identity Verfication process - VKC - 2.png



Voters are sent a reminder message by mail/text/email to get their Voting Code.
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Voter Key Card - In person voting step 3
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Though I have mapped out secure method for allowing for Mail-In and Absentee Ballots, I believe they should only be for military serving out of country. I also believe that every hospital and Senior Care facility should have voting booths.

Mail-In and Absentee Ballot Voting - Ste
Mail-In and Absentee Ballot Voting - Ste


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This is a solution I invented before the Voter Key Card. It could work with the Voter Key Card.

Las Vegas casinos have long used overhead cameras to detect card counters or those cheating while gambling at their tables. What works in Vegas, should not stay in Vegas, but be used to prevent election fraud and transparently and accurately tally and adjudicate votes in our elections. Is not such needed in an election process of which most Americans have lost complete trust in?

Does not America need this vote counting system offering a secure, accurate and transparent way to achieve just elections?

Can Americans trust our elections if they are not secure and transparent?

Will there be any justice any longer if there are not just and fair elections?


Why do we not utilize all the available technology to secure our elections and make them fully public to all citizens?

Do feel you our elections need to keep non-citizens, dead people from voting?

Do you think that all illegal votes should not be counted?


Before sharing about a Vote Tally system, allow me to present the reasoning for the need of this system. BTW, this system is designed to work seamlessly with the Voter Key Card system.

On November 4th, 2020 and in the days to follow, it became very apparent that the tallying of votes was happening in a way not seen before in US elections. And perhaps what happened served to simply expose how every insecure our election process actually is.


In the Summer/Fall of 2020 many states approved of Mail-In Ballots being sent to nearly all the residents. This total was estimated to be upwards of 80 million Mail-In Ballots to be sent out in October of 2020.


On November 3, 2020 President Trump led the election in most all key swing states at 10 PM by 1-3 points to as many as 8-10 points in Pennsylvania. This was with most votes counted in most swing states. Then something unprecedented happened. Several key swing states stopped counting votes late on November 3rd and even sent poll workers home until the next day. America awakened the next morning to hear that Joe Biden in a few swing states was now in the lead or had closed the gap in what seemed to be an impossible manner. How could this happen in these states if they stopped counting votes overnight? And how do we truly know if those counting votes are actually being honest and fair? 

Now it matters not if you believe or don't believe if there was mass election fraud that overturned the presidential election and many other state and federal elections. The simple fact is that our election system is insecure. It is about as insecure as fox contractors designing the security of a hen house.

And now, I'll ask a few questions related to election fraud prevention that do not make sense as to why things are the way they are, except for reason of billionaire elites, large corporations, industries and institutions and perhaps many politicians not wanting to have free and just elections, but rather having control over the outcomes of our elections via an election system that is prone and open to enabling mass election fraud.


Why are the number of states requiring Voter ID to vote so few and why do many states have very porous laws that don't require all voters to present government ID before receiving a ballot?


Why is voting, when so very important to a Democracy, not secured like banking transactions?


Why does the tallying of votes happen in such a non-transparent way, where the public has little to no access to monitoring the counting of votes?

Have the software systems used in electronic voting machines been audited by firms that attempt to hack their systems? If they have been hack-tested, why are these results not made public and covered by the media? Who conducted these tests? Why did Texas refuse to use Dominion Voting Systems?

There appears to be ample proof Electronic Voting Machines were hacked in perhaps the biggest foreign attack ever on America on election night and even during the Georgia Senate Runoff Election on Jan. 5. This evidence shows proof that millions of votes were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Should not this evidence be reviewed openly and witnesses heard in the US House of Representatives and by the US Supreme Court and the DOJ?


In light of all the above, do we not absolutely need a vote tallying system that is independent of electronic voting machines and is transparent, secure, just and accurate? Was an our presidential election, maybe several more, just stolen?

If we have not secure, just, transparent and elections that only count LEGAL VOTES, we no longer have a just government or election system we can trust.

Read about this system.

Read also about a 2017 Voter Registration Hacking Test 




In the past 20 years, Randy has invented solutions to prevent Identity Theft, bankcard payment fraud, tax return fraud. In 2015 he introduced Card1, a Universal Card and Wallet. In 2010, his company MobilePayUSA won TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley SF. In 2014 a US patent was grantedFrom 2012-14 he was the founder of and author for Mobile Wallet Media.

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The Voter Key Card system was invented by Randy Smith after the 2020 elections awakened him to the reality of how insecure our election system truly is. Randy came to realize the solution to making elections secure was to leverage payments security and multi-factor identity authentication tools.

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It is crucial that our elections are secure and just as voting is an absolutely integral part of democracy. Election fraud can silence OUR VOICE. It’s time to secure elections. All Americans need to regain trust in OUR elections and be confident they are SECURE, TRANSPARENT, ACCURATE and JUST, capable of stopping most election fraud. With the media, elected representatives and citizens sharing about the solutions presented here, legislation will be passed by most states to see these solutions deployed to prevent election fraud in Fall of 2021 or Spring of 2022.


It is estimated the Voter Key Card system and platform can be built to scale within 4-6 months. This is with full automation and a platform capable of being seamlessly and securely integrated with state Voter Registration platforms via an API. Of course, this assumes millions of dollars of funding are supplied to swiftly design and build a platform capable of scale as used by 100's of millions of users. In total with testing and API integrations to state Voter Registration platforms and other databases used to verify identity of citizens, it might take another 2-4 months to be ready to deploy in an election. It’s very possible this system could be ready for 2022 primary and Fall elections. The Voter Key Card is a patent-pending invention.