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1. REFER our site to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, Conservative Reps/Media/Backers across America.
2. PRAY for Voter Key Card to be covered by Conservative media, endorsed by politicians, fully funded ASAP.
3. SHOP at our PatriotCapsAndTees.com store or use us for your corporate printing/embroidery needs.
4. GIVE cash (to stop our votes from being treated like TRASH). Email give@voterkeycard.com to give.

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I would love to be attending more in-person events in states like Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Idaho, South Dakota, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Florida and other strong Conservative states that truly love America. My family lives in Orange County, CA. On July 17-18 I attended Clay Clarke's Reawaken America Anaheim event and I got to sat hello, talk with a bit, some great patriots like Mike Lindell and Ann Vandersteel and many others. When I met Mike I handed him my business card and told him I invented a solution to prevent election fraud. He gave me his email. I emailed him and requested to attend his event and a couple of weeks later I received that invite to attend his Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls from August 10-12. I met many amazing Patriots at the conference, including many state reps from across America that want to see election fraud exposed and see us restore our elections to be secure and trustworthy again. You can help 

California is not likely until after 2022 elections going to pass election law reforms that would approve Voter Key Card as the vast majority of the state legislature are far Left Democrats that do not want to make our elections more secure. There are some 30-34 GOP state legislature majorities (accounting for RINOs) and then there are the likely most early possible adopters like Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia and other swing and strong Conservative states that would and should adopt the Voter Key Card solution to secure their elections ASAP (so the system will be ready for primaries or general elections in Fall of 2022).

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So far I've put a lot of time and money into Voter Key Card, but there's so much more to be done, that can only be done with God making a way for, provision for. I need Patriot Americans standing with me to help make Voter Key Card known by most Americans. What is needed is for citizens that love America and freedom and understand the importance of secure and transparent elections to help get the word out. With this states like Arizona will adopt Voter Key Card as the solution to stop election fraud and make our elections trustworthy again. If dozens of Patriots in their home state call and write their elected state representatives about this solution then it can very likely become passed as new state election law. The RINOs will be forced to pass legislation or be faced to be voted out of office in the primaries.


What do I need funds for? I can have quickly produced a 2-3 minute animated explainer video with professional voice over and slick music for as little as $500-$1,000. Watch this video about my solution to PREVENT Identity Theft that I came up with some 20 years ago (this video is from 2012 and my idea was basically the same a decade after inventing it, only an app was added). BTW, this solution can and should still be built today. I'd also love to be attending more conferences and even speaking at Conservative Patriot conferences and events, but each event out of state still takes $500 - $1,000 to attend. If my Patriot Caps and Tees store takes off and earns me above and beyond travel and marketing expenses for Voter Key Card I may actually take some pay as income to support my family, but my pursuit to end election fraud will not stop.


For the past year I've been working FT as a Patriot with ZERO INCOME and doing what I can to wake up America and use the skills God has given me. In fact I've spent a good amount of money toward this venture and my Patriot Caps and Tees store and don't have resources at this time to spend more, but plan on bootstrapping my ventures forward as God provides. I am also open to partnering with Christian Patriots as well beyond direct donations on my ventures. I also have another invention I just filed a patent for that I believe is quite promising to produce millions a year in revenues in the baseball cap and visor industry. Please reach out if interested in exploring (contact@voterkeycard.com).


I thank you for your support in any way God or your heart calls you to support Voter Key Card and my family. You can learn more about me and my background at the bottom of the home page of this site or in more detail at FreeAmericaEvents.com and even more at a sister blogsite here where in 2020-21 I wrote near 20 articles and posted a lot of great videos (many removed by YouTube), content and resources to discover Christian and Conservative Patriots from every walk of life.

God Bless,

Randy Smith

Inventor of Voter Key Card Solution